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Glastonbury Tor in United Kingdom is built on a hill where history and the legend of King Arthur are perfectly combined. See these amazing landscapes and imagine yourself hundreds of years ago.

You cannot leave Prague without seeing this amazing, unique and antique Astronomic Clock that starts up every hour in the tower of the old Town Hall that you will find in the pretty medieval Old Town’s square.

Enjoy a few minutes these amazing fish from the largest aquarium in Europe and if you are in Valencia (Spain) visit the Oceanographic next to the City of Arts and Science.

Enjoy this second part of Sweden’s Traditional Folk Dances from the national day which takes place every year during a festival at Skansen Park in Stockholm.

Romania – Latest Articles

Bistrita Monastery (Monasteries, churches and hermitages from Buila Vanturarita National Park)

Monasteries, churches and hermitages from Buila Vanturarita National Park are ones of the most splendid, natural places of worship in Romania. Find out more about these unique, remote saint buildings from Romania. Read more…

Medievala cetate Poenari stă pe vârful muntelui Cetățuia
Poenari Citadel is one of the most haunted places in the world and a must see medieval castle. Come here for an unforgettable journey. Find out more about one of the most legendary medieval citadel in Romania. Read more…

Pelicans flying above Uzlina Lake in Danube Delta
Find information about the birds from Danube Delta, this wildlife tourist paradise. If you love wildlife, than this is the place to be! Find out more about Danube Delta Wildlife paradise. Read more…

A part of Sighisoara Citadel in November
Sighisoara tourist attractions and objectives must be enjoyed. Narrow cobbled streets, old houses, nice museums and an impressive citadel. Find out more about what to visit in Sighisoara medieval city.  Read more…

buila vanturarita national park
Buila Vanturarita National Park is the smallest park from Romania. It has a great variety of relief forms and species of fauna and flora. Find out more about this wonderful little national park. Read more…

World – Latest Articles

Beautiful sunny beaches of Camiguin Island from Philippines
Camiguin Island from central Philippines is a gorgeous island, very popular among worldwide tourists. Come here for your lifetime journey. Find out more about one of the best holiday destinations in Philippines. Read more…

glacier national park united states of america
Glacier National Park is one of the most visited in United States of America and Canada. Tourists come attracted by the Old North Trail. Find out more about what this amazing park hides within its borders. Read more…

New Caledonia Barrier Coral Reef
New Caledonia coral reef is one of the most beautiful and largest barrier reefs in the world, second after Belize, a beautiful ecosystem but also so fragile. Find out more about how this wonder of the world survives. Read more…

Cartagena City, Colombia
Cartagena City from Columbia is full of history, culture and old, interesting attractions. Combine these with relaxing days on the beach. Find out more about this gorgeous Colombian historic city. Read more…

Skyscrapers from downtown Montreal City
Montreal is a metropolis city you need to visit for its cultural beauty. Its skyscrapers and central park Mont Royal attracts many tourists. Find out more about one of the biggest Canadian cities. Read more…

Tips and Tricks – Latest Articles

Countries and flags
Decide well the moment and destination of your journey which can prove to be very important especially if you want to save some money. Find out more about how to choose the right moment and destination. Read more…

when travelling off season think about money
Travelling off season is to go on low cost holidays and avoid as much as you can the big tourist waves. Find out more about how to get cheaper holidays off season. Read more…

Travelling on a low budget
Travelling on a low budget has not been easier than now. How to reduce your journey costs? How to see wonderful places with less money? Find out more about getting a cheaper holiday or journey. Read more…

Journeys – Latest Articles

danube delta biosphere reserve
Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve is truly a world’s paradise and a lifetime journey because the life here is very rich in flora and fauna. Find more about this wonderful paradise. Read more…

Rasnov Citadel
Rasnov Citadel is a well preserved peasant citadel from Transylvania and one of the best tourist objectives which you cannot miss if you are in the area. Find out more about prices, timetable and other details. Read more…

Corvinilor Castle
Huniazilor or Corvinilor Castle from Hunedoara City, in a beautiful mountain area from Transylvania, must be one of the highlights of your Romanian trip. Find out more about prices, timetable and other details. Read more…

Sucevita Monastery, in Bucovina, Romania
Visit the painted monasteries from Bucovina unique in the world. Voronet, Sucevita or Moldovita are a few of these wonderful monasteries. Find more about our trip to this breathtaking region. Read more…

Photos of the Week

Relax and enjoy superb views from the International Balloon Fiesta in Bristol, UK

Relax and enjoy superb views from the International Balloon Fiesta in Bristol, UK

The beautiful coastline of Nice, the largest city at Cote D'Azur in southern France

The beautiful coastline of Nice, the largest city at Cote D’Azur in southern France

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The life is a must journey, no matters how bad are
the roads and accommodation. (Oliver Goldsmith)

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The highest capital in Europe is Andorra La Vella?

* * * * *

The Desert with the longest dry period is Atacama, where the rain came back after 400 years?

* * * * *

Spain produces 44% of the global quantity of olive oil?

* * * * *

The cultural percentage in Vatican is 100%? The languages spoken
from the Vatican’s people are Latin, Italian, French and English.

* * * * *

The most expensive bridge in the world is Seto-Ohashi-Kojima bridge from Japan? It’s 13,22 km (8,21 miles) long and was built between 1978 and 1988 and for its building were invested 8,3 milliards of $. To cross this bridge it takes approximately 20 minutes.

Joke of the week

A guy is driving his car on the Highway 57 while listening to the radio. At one moment, he hears on the radio:
– Breaking news: On the Highway 57, a crazy man drives on the wrong way of the road.
The guy very upset: Not only one, hundreds of them, hundreds!

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